Spherical Roller Bearings

The spherical roller bearing incorporates an inner double-race ring, an outer race ring, two rows of sphered rollers and a cage. The outer raceway is sphered, so the bearing is self-aligning and can compensate coaxial misalignments. Also, the roller is designed to be linearly contacted with the inner ring raceway as well as the outer raceway. Thus, spherical roller bearing can accommodate heavy radial and oscillating loads. The bearings are widely used in large-scale mechanical devices of quite a number of areas, including mine exploitation, metallurgy, papermaking, construction business, etc.

We mainly provide three types of spherical roller bearings, which are CA series, MB series and CC series. We also provide more lubricating bearings with a circular oil groove and three oil holes in the outer ring. These types have /W33 in their code names. We also provide bearing with tapered bore so that our customers can conveniently install, replace or remove the bearing.


ca spherical roller bearings


mb spherical roller bearings