Q: What are the application areas of your bearings?
A: Our bearings are mainly used in metallurgy, mining, cement, reducer, paper, petroleum, chemical, rubber and plastic machines, etc.

Q: What are the size range and accuracy class of your bearings?
A: They are as indicated in the following form:

Spherical roller bearings IDΦ100 ~ ODΦ2000 P0, P6
Tapered roller bearings IDΦ100 ~ ODΦ2000 P0, P5
Cylindrical roller bearings IDΦ100 ~ ODΦ2000 P0, P6, P5
Deep groove ball bearings P0, P6, P5
Cylindrical roller thrust bearings P0, P6, P5
Four-point angular contact ball bearings P0, P6, P5
Spherical roller thrust bearings P0, P6
Roller Φ12-100 grade III at least, 60% can reach grade II

Q: How is the packaging of bearings?
A: Our standard inner packaging materials are kraft paper, plastic film, nylon fastening tape, high strength waterproof plastic tape and vacuum bag. Our standard packing methods are three-layer wrapping, palletizing and wooden case packaging.

OEM package is available. We can package with the material and in the way chosen by customer.

Q: How long is the service life of your bearings?
A: Service life depends critically on how bearing is used. Proper use and timely maintenance can extend the service life. Service life expectation should be considered when selecting bearings. If you expect it to be very long, the bearing size may be over large, thus the machine will be too bulky; instead, if you do not consider it reasonably, the bearing may need to be replaced frequently. A reasonable life requirement can be determined according to overhaul period of the machine.

We adopt ART treatment in bearing production. It works excellently in doubling the service life of bearings using ART wear resistant material.

Q: How is the quality of your bearings?
A: We owned a bearing research institution, which is now qualified as “Dalian municipal technology center”. The company owns ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004, and OHSAS18001-2007 certifications.

We are a strong technology team exploring advanced production method. With excellent equipment and precise testing instruments, we are offering WBJF bearings that meet or exceed international quality standards. Our bearings rivals advanced bearings in terms of accuracy, reliability, service life and other aspects of performance.

Q: How is your production capacity?
A: We have the most advanced equipment in the industry. The turning process is fully numerically controlled. The grinding workshop has more than 70 various grinders and 60% of them are numerically controlled. We have the world leading bainite hardening line for heat treatment. With an annual output of 500,000 sets of bearings, we are qualified for large purchases and urgent needs.

Q: What is your delivery time?
A: Our common production period is 60 days. The fastest can be 30 days upon special request.

Q: How is your after-sale service?
A: We have 37 engineers and 87 quality control staffs to provide customers with reliable solutions and technical support. We also have our own professional international sales team, who are in good communications with overseas customers.