Bearing Quality Assurance

  • Bearing Quality Policy

Supply bearing products and bearing service that can satisfy customer’s requirements, correct and improve continually.

  • Bearing Quality Control

Indoctrinate the idea of Respecting Customer’s Requirement to each employee. Every one is responsible to its customers, every one regards himself as customer as well as supplier. Do his own work well, satisfy his next process.
Pull together. Every one has the responsibility of improving beraing quality, has responsibility to resolve problems at once.
Through study and training, let employees know how to judge his bearing quality work, how to correct it.
Pay more energy on quality prevention. Try to let employees do their incumbent work well in one time. Analyse problems at once when it appears, find out the reason, think out the solution proposal and try best to resolve it.
Keep communicating with customers, continually seeking better method, keeping improving all the time.