Angular Contact Ball Bearing

The angular contact ball bearing has several variants such as the 7000C type (α=15°), 7000AC type (α=25°) and the 7000B type(α=40°). They have locking structures on outer rings, and usually inner and outer rings cannot be separated. Due to relative displacement of its inner and outer ring raceways on the horizontal axis, it can bear combined radial and axial loads and axial loads in one direction. Axial load capacity is determined by contact angle—the larger the contact angle is, the higher the axial capacity will be.

The angular contact ball bearing is suitable for high-speed rotation and high-precision rotation. These bearings are mainly used in the fields like machine tool spindles, high frequency motors, oil pumps, air compressors, printing machines, etc.

single angular contact bearings  

double angular contact bearings

four point contact ball bearings